The attached list is for our selective valued clients


Façade Consultancy:

1. AUBE Bank, Head Office façade retrofitting, 90th southern road, New Cairo, Cairo.

2. EMAAR SQUARE, UPTOWN, EMAAR, TURNER, façade consultancy and value engineering.

3. ROD EL FARAG BRIDGE, Glazed footbath, The Arab Contractors, Façade consultancy, Project and construction management.

4. OFFICE BUILDING, CONGO, GLASSCON, Dimitri G., façade engineering, structural calculation, value engineering, and shop drawings.

5. SHELL office building, New Cairo, 90th road, Façade Facelift due to structural threating by falling stone cladding and façade leakage.

6. AESW site inspection, site field construction.

7. BGP Camp, site field construction.

8. BUREAU 175, El Shams, 90th road, project management.

9. BUREAU 85, EVEREST, New Cairo, façade consultancy.

10. ZIA commercial buildings, EVEREST, New Cairo, Façade consultancy

11. EGA, Mercedes assembly factory, 6 of October city,Fire safety plan.

12. UNISUN 2, New Cairo, 90th road, engineering assessment, structural calculation, stone cladding and curtain walling technical design.

13. AUDI BANK, REDCON, 90th road, double skin façade.

14. ABC BANK, REDCON, 90th north road, Façade facelift, GFRC cladding using cat walk at three facades and giant GFRC cladding supported at three point at main façade. 15. DIPLOMATIC HOSPITAL, SHUTTERING, façade design and construction supervision.

16. NEW CAIRO BUSINESS HUB, REDCON, engineering assessment.

17. BARAKA office building, BARAKA, New Cairo, 90th road, Façade cladding design and engineering including the BMU design.

18. KIAN, TECHNO FRAME, Façade engineering and structural calculation.

19. NEW CAPITAL CITY, GAMA, Ministry Buildings, façade consultancy. 20. NEW CAPITAL CITY, KEMET, Control Buildings, façade consultancy.

21. NEW CAPITAL CITY, FINELINE, Ministry Buildings, façade consultancy.

22. MADINATY, FINELINE, MALL E, Steel structure, façade cladding, construction management and supervision.

23. GEORGIA HOTEL, Mr AABED RAMSIS, Façade engineering.

24. SARAYA FACTORY, new factory establishment, façade consultancy.

25. MALL 9, EL REHAB CITY, FINELINE, façade consultancy.

26. BERENICE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, AL ADAWY, Façade cladding Structural calculation.

27. MANSOURA 1, PRESIDENTIAL PALACE, AL ADAWY, Skylight structural calculation and engineering.

28. QATAMIYA HEIGHTS COMPOUND, VILLA 670, Hashimi cladding engineering assessment, structural calculation, façade consultancy.

29. MADINATY, MALL C, ACC, steel structural cladding, GFRC/ GFRP cladding, and façade engineering.

30. FOUKA BAY, North Coast, Dr Aziz Ekram, Curtain walls structural calculation and engineering.


32. NEW CAIRO OFFICE BUILDINGS, ACC, skylight and curtain walling structural and engineering design.

33. EMIRATES GROUP, AWAWA PANELS, sand trap, acoustical barriers, and acoustic louvers technical design.

34. ABITAL, CANEX, aluminum system design.

35. PALLADIUM MALL, INJAZ, 6 of October, façade engineering design, shop drawings, structural calculations, and façade project management.


Office Buildings:

1. Administrative office building, FAT HENS, Al moatasem street, Tanta, Al Gharbia. 

2. Administrative office building, ECCT, 90th southern road, architectural and interior design.

3. NBE bank, MEP design and shop drawing, Nile cornice, Cairo.


Educational Buildings:

1. Dar ELelm International School, LEED Certified


Hospitals & Health Care:

1. Awara Medical Tower

2. Al Shourouk hospital 1550 m2

3. Medical city hospital

4. Royal care

5. Ashraf El Shahawe medical center.

6. Medical Center, Nasr city.

7. Diplomacy Hospital, Technical design, New Cairo, Cairo



1. Intercontinental touristic village, Hurgada, AYALA Middle East.

2. DELTA 4 stars hotel, Hurgada.

3. Isis Travel Agency, Staff Housing.

Luxury Palaces:

1. Abd Elsalam Higazy Palace, Al shourbagy, Cairo- Alex. Agriculture road.

2. Mohamed Awara Palace, Cairo alex desert road.



1. Mr Ahmed Madkour, Al Obour city

2. Mr Ahmed Osman, 6th of October

3. Mr Ahmed Sami, 6th of October

4. Mr AlaaKishk, 6th of October

5. Mr Mohamed Gazar, Villa refurbishment.

6. Mr Mohamed Gazar, new Villa

7. Mr Mohamed El Halaby villa

8. Mr Mohamed Awara villa, Cairo Alex desert road

9. Mr Mostafa Abou El Naga, tanta.

10. Mr Mostafa Bashir, tanta.

11. Mrs. Magda Mohamed Ahmed, Al Obour City.

12. Mr Saad Farag villa , Alexandria.

13. Mr Wagieh shafik Farag, Al Sadat City.


Residential Towers:

1. Dr. Adel Khalifah residential tower.

2. Dr. Saed Saafan residential tower.

3. Flower tower, residential tower.

4. Royal tower, residential tower.

5. Mohamed Bar Residential tower

6. El Shami office residential tower, Total built up area 6,444 m2

7. El Shami commercial residential tower, Total built up area 8496 m2

8. El Bana residential tower.

9. Abd El Reheim El Gammal residential tower.

10. Al forqan residential tower.

11. Dr Galila residential tower, façade engineering, Al Mohandseen

12. Mr. Ibrahim El Fawi, residential tower.

13. Mr. Mohamed Bar residential tower, Stadium road, Tanta

14. Mr. Mohsen Farag, Façade design, residential tower.

15. Mr. Mohamed Orieby, Tanta, residential tower.

16. Mr. Saad Farag, Agamy, Alex, residential tower.

17. Mr. Saad Farag, al Mansourah residential tower.

18. Mr. Shafik saad Abdou residential tower.

19. Mr. Abd El Salam Higazy, Stadium street, Tanta, residential tower.


Interior Decoration:

1. AL GUEZIRA COMPOUND, Mr Alaa El Gharabawi

2. FSH Luxor mockup room.

3. Joval shop, branding, interior design, and supervision.

4. Al Rabouah chalet, Mr. Mohamed Bar

5. Villa Mr. Mohamed Bar, entrance interior design, façade redesign, interior designs for different apartments.

6. Egypt Food shop.

7. Mr Mostafa Awni, pent house design

8. Al rabouah Compound, weekend shale interior design.

9. SFC Bahra Franchise, shop interior design.

10. Mr. Mostafa El sherbini Apartment.

11. Mr. Osama Ouf apartment, Nasr City, interior design, construction supervision.

12. President office at Slaughterhouse, Mr. Abd El Salam Hegazy.


Landscape Projects:

1. Abd Elsalam Higazy palace landscape.

2. Mohamed Awara palace landscape.



1. Mr. Mohamed Moenes El Shahat, land area: 1297 m2, BUA: 506 m2, new Cairo, Cairo.

2. Al Damati mosque, BUA: 1040 m2,tanta, El Gharbia.

3. Abd El Samea El Shami Mosque, BUA: 2750 m2, Al Mahala.

4. Kom Hamadah Mosque, Kom Hamadah, BUA: 828 m2.

5. Mr. Mohamed Awara Mosque.

6. Tala Mosque, BUA: 876 m2.


Industrial Projects:

1. El Sadek Revas Marble and Wood Factory, El Suez.

2. Awara factory façade redesign, Tanta.

3. Awara juice factory, 6th of October.

4. Egypt Foods factory refurbishment.

5. Mineral water factory, Abd El Salam Higazy, El Sadat City.

6. Storage and administration building, Saed El Sallab, New Cairo, Industrial Zone.