Enduring commitment to professional ethical standards is deeply ingrained in every professional conduct and business action undertaken by all MEG staff members. Moral accountability is the backbone of our firm’s operations

Mutual Respect

Transparency, teamwork, and trust are the main constituents of our roadmap to outstanding performance. Our greatest asset is a corporate culture that cultivates a diversity of backgrounds, experience and views.


Committed resolution to promote the short/long-term future welfare of our company, our customers, and the world we live in is the force empowering our continued growth and expansion.


Striking the delicate balance between conserving planet Earth’s wealth of resources and serving our projects’ demanding engineering needs constitutes the core of MEG’s operating philosophy from the outset. Our green engineering systems are designed to systematically respect the natural constraints of our planet and preserve its beauty, whilst developing energy-efficient systems that integrate favorably with our obligations towards our client base.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Solidly ingrained in MEG ‘s corporate environment is an ongoing interest to foster active growth and development within its local and global community. Meanwhile, in handling various business engagements, the firm’s decision-making processes embrace a strict adherence to universally accepted ethical values and abidance with local/international laws and statutes.